VulnerABLE – Policy guidance for improving the health of isolated and vulnerable persons

The VulnerABLE project was a two-year pilot initiative of the European Commission (DG SANTE), implemented by ICF, in partnership with EuroHealthNet, the UCL Institute of Health Equity, the European Public Health Alliance, Social Platform and GfK. The project aimed to increase understanding of how best to improve the health of people living in vulnerable and isolated situations, identify and recommend evidence-based policy strategies, and raise awareness of the findings and support capacity-building within Member States.

As a final output of the project, Policy Guidance – A Framework for Action was developed to provide a framework for action for policy makers on methods of health improvement, prevention and service delivery in vulnerable and isolated situations.

Find the document here.

Other outputs from the VulnerABLE project are available here.

EuroHealthNet, Policy & Policy Analysis
Built environment (housing, transport, urban planning), Employment, occupational health, adult education, youth employment, Financial security, social protection, social inclusion, access to care, poverty, Groups that experience vulnerability: women, ethnic minorities, LGBTI+, migrants, disability, Maternal health, pre- peri-natal, childhood conditions, adolescent health, education, Mental health, addiction
European, National

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