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Looking for policies, good practices, research outputs, organisations or initiatives that address health inequalities? This database can help you find them. Filter results by type, topic, year, or country – or search by keyword. Use the form below to add your own resources to the database.

What is the health equity resource database?


The resource database includes examples of work on health inequalities including

  • publications
  • good practices
  • initiatives and organisations
  • data sources
  • policies and policy analysis
  • research

The database is focused on Europe and European countries.

You can filter results by type (for example: health inequalities research, organisation, intervention/practice, or policy) and theme (for example: built environment, education, or employment). You can also filter by country, or find cross-border collaborations. The level filter allows you to find local, national, European or international entries. Use the search bar to search for keywords.


Is something missing from the database?

Do you have an example of a national or European policy for increasing health equity, an intervention, or research to share? Check whether it fits our eligibility criteria and add it using our submission form.


  • Infographics on alcohol consumption prevention (Spanish)

    The Ministry of Health in Spain published a series of infographics on alcohol consumption prevention, showcasing data and information on prevention measures. Access the infographics here: Alcohol y cáncer en...
  • Common protocol for healthcare action against violence in...

    Combatting violence during childhood and adolescence is crucial for upholding human rights and public health. A thorough, evidence-based response, encompassing high-quality healthcare services, is necessary. The Ministry of Health in...
  • Preventive effects of regular physical activity and healthy...

    There is overwhelming evidence for the preventive effects of regular physical activity and healthy eating habits on the risk for developing a non-communicable disease (NCD). Increasing attention has been paid...
  • WHO, Health Promotion Glossary of terms 2021

    The World Health Organization (WHO) updated its Health Promotion Glossary in 2021. It offers a contemporary overview of the many concepts and terms that have become fundamental for the development...
  • Compendium of WHO and other UN guidance on...

    The Compendium is a comprehensive collection of available WHO and other United Nations (UN) guidance for improving health by creating healthier environments. It provides an overview and easy access of...
  • Health Inequalities, Lives Cut Short

    We know what to do to improve health and reduce health inequalities – now we need politicians to act. In this election year, IHE Director, Michael Marmot, has published an open letter, calling on politicians to...
  • Country deep dive on the well-being economy: Iceland

    The WHO Regional Office for Europe’s series of deep dives are part of the technical documentation supporting the WHO European Regional High-level Forum on Health in the Well-being Economy (‎1–2...
  • How the Office of Climate Change and Health...

    This report provides evidence and practical methods to show the health sector is essential to a stable, functioning economy. Health systems have a positive impact on the economic performance of...





Contribute to the health equity resource database


The resource database is continuously updated with new publications, initiatives and practices, policies, and organisations. Share your work with the public health community by completing the form below.

The team at EuroHealthNet will check whether your submission meets our eligibility criteria before it goes live on the webpage. Do you have a lot of documents to add? Contact us for help. Not sure if your content is eligible for the database? Find out what can and can't be included.


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