Review of Scotland’s Equally Well Strategy

The Equally Well Implementation Plan from the Scottish government, published in December 2008 set out the links between the three social policy frameworks – Equally Well, the Early Years Framework and the strategy for tackling poverty and income inequality, Achieving Our Potential. There are strong positive links between having the best start in life, having enough money to provide for yourself and your family and enjoying good health. The three social policy frameworks are mutually re-enforcing, requiring a joint approach to implementation across the Scottish Government and community planning partners.

The Equally Well implementation plan is available here.
Find the review of the plan here

Governmental / Institutional / Public Health Statutory Body Document, Policy & Policy Analysis
Financial security, social protection, social inclusion, access to care, poverty, Groups that experience vulnerability: women, ethnic minorities, LGBTI+, migrants, disability, Health systems and services, primary health care, integrated systems, prevention services, health workforce
United Kingdom

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