Gezondheidsgelijkheid en regionale ontwikkeling in de EU - Toepassing van EU-structuurfondsen

This publication makes the case for why health and health equity are integral to societies’ economic and social development and to achieving the objectives of the EU’s overriding 2020 Strategy for ‘Smart, Innovative and Inclusive Growth’. The content of the report is based on the outcomes of two studies undertaken by the Equity Action Regional Network. This is a network of thirty European regions in ten Member States that was brought together as part of the Equity Action programme (the EU co-funded Joint Action on Health Inequalities). The network has identified concrete examples of how health inequalities can be addressed at the sub-national level, and has shown how the EU Structural Funds can be used by public health professionals and decision-makers to achieve greater health equity in Europe.

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EuroHealthNet, overheids- / institutionele / volksgezondheidsdocument
Governance, gezondheid in alle beleidsterreinen, economie van welzijn, beoordeling van de gezondheidseffecten, duurzame ontwikkeling

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