Zero regrets: scaling up action on climate change mitigation and adaptation for health in the WHO European Region. Key messages from the Working Group on Health in Climate Change (2021)

The imperative to protect and improve the health of current and future generations is one of the strongest arguments for action on climate change and sustainable development. This WHO paper is aimed at policy-makers, particularly from the health sector, and civil society representatives – with the intent to raise awareness about the links between health and climate change, as well as the policy options that can maximise the benefits for health and the environment.

It further aims to equip them with evidence and messages to support an active engagement in national preparatory consultations for and negotiations at COP26 and indicate areas for action and collaboration across sectoral boundaries and social actors.

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Governmental / Institutional / Public Health Statutory Body Document, Policy & Policy Analysis, Tools
Environment, climate change, Governance, Health in All Policies, Economy of Wellbeing, Health Impact Assessment, sustainable development
Europe, Global
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