World Equality Report 2022

The aim of the World Inequality Report 2022 is to present the latest and most complete data available on inequality to inform democratic debate worldwide. It updates the 2018 World Inequality Report, adding new data with gender, environment, and tax justice dimensions.

The 2022 report present novel findings in four main areas.

  1. First, the report provides truly comprehensive income inequality data for almost all countries in the world over long time periods.
  2. Second, the 2022 report provides much more in-depth evidence on wealth and its distribution worldwide than has been available until now.
  3. Third, the report analyses gender inequality by creating systematic data on the share of world labor income earned by women and how well represented women are at the top of the labor income distribution.
  4. Fourth, it presents new evidence of inequality in carbon emissions across the world.

Find the full report (in English) here. 

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