The situation of Roma in Europe: Health care, Inclusion of people with disabilities, Long-term care

The European Roma Grassroots Organisations Network (ERGO) have released a snapshot document highlighting healthcare, inclusion of people with disabilities and long term care within Roma communities in Europe.

  • One in four (26%) Roma is not covered by national health insurance and/or private insurance.
  • 28% of Roma feel limited in their activities by their state of health.
  • 22% of Roma have a longstanding illness or health problem.
  • There is a 10-year difference in life expectancy between Roma (64 years) and non-Roma (74 years), as well as a tenfold higher vulnerability to tuberculosis.
  • One in 10 Roma and Travellers felt discriminated against when accessing healthcare in six countries, while almost all report worse health and more limitations than the general population.

Find the full document here. 

NGO/Civil Society Document, Organisations & Initiatives Working on Health Inequalities
Groups that experience vulnerability: women, ethnic minorities, LGBTI+, migrants, disability

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