The Relationship between Social Cohesion and Urban Green Space

Social cohesion involves the interpersonal dynamics and sense of connection among people. Increased social cohesion can be associated with various physical and psychological health benefits. The presence of urban green spaces can encourage positive social interactions that cultivate social cohesion in ways that enhance health and well-being. Urban green spaces have also been linked to positive health behaviours and outcomes including increased physical activity and social engagement.

Understanding the relationship between social cohesion and urban green space is important for informing holistic approaches to health. In this article, the authors discuss how positive interactions in urban green space can catalyse social cohesion, social capital and critical health-promoting behaviours that may enhance psychological health and well-being. They also summarise the strengths and limitations of previous studies and suggest directions for future research.

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Built environment (housing, transport, urban planning)
United Kingdom

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