The Health and Europe Centre, NHS Kent & Medway

  • Established in the late 1990s, the Centre’s speciality is project development and support for the health and social care sectors in Kent and Medway. Through this in-depth work, they have developed a unique and profound understanding of how health and social care systems operate in Europe and how innovation can be practically transferred and implemented between countries. Their experience and expertise can benefit any health, social care or educational organisation organisation across the UK.
  • Engages with EU Institutions and European partners to develop a strategic approach to EU policy development on behalf of our stakeholders.
  • Delivers a programme of European learning opportunities for staff, developing understanding and building collaborative relationships with European partners.
  • Works with EU partners to identify and assess relevant EU legislation and inform our stakeholders if its impacts for their organisations.
  • To ensure the good management of the Centre, in accordance with all relevant European and national legislation and policies.



  • Opportunities for learning and sharing good practice across Europe (for example through workshops, conferences, study tours and exchanges);
  • Practical examples of different ways of working from across the European Union;
  • Development of EU partnerships to promote Kent and Medway health and social care to key decision makers and institutions;
  • Advice and help for stakeholders to develop, implement and manage EU projects;
  • Intelligence gathering and dissemination through regular bulletins and briefing papers on health and social care topics;
  • Advice to stakeholder organisations on relevant EU policy developments;
  • Facilitation of workforce development opportunities (such as deployment of staff to other EU countries and access to EU learning programmes).

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