The Demographic Landscape of EU Territories Report

This report aims at detailing the territorial diversities of ageing across the EU, understanding the main drivers behind such differences, and explore their relations with data on access to services and amenities, regional economic performance, political attitudes and behaviours.

The report provides objectives and evidence-based support for work within the new EU Commission portfolio of Demography and Democracy. The report on the Impact of Demographic Change was published in June 2020 and the EU Commission are now putting in motion many of the follow-up initiatives to this initial stocktaking exercise. These include the Green Paper on Ageing, the Long Term Vision for Rural Areas and the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child, all of which will be adopted during the first half of 2021. This Landscape is an innovative study, which explores through time the changes in age structure at different geographical levels across the EU. It will provide a scientific basis to all initiatives. Most importantly, it will feed directly into the reflection on identifying the topics that must be addressed through the broad lens of demographic resilience.

Find the Demographic Landscape of EU Territories report here. 

Governmental / Institutional / Public Health Statutory Body Document, Organisations & Initiatives Working on Health Inequalities
Ageing, Governance, Health in All Policies, Economy of Wellbeing, Health Impact Assessment, sustainable development, Health systems and services, primary health care, integrated systems, prevention services, health workforce

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