Tackling inequality could save hospitals in Wales £322 million every year

Inequality in hospital service use is costing the NHS in Wales the equivalent of a brand new NHS hospital, or the yearly salaries of nearly 10,000 extra nurses every year, according to a new report from Public Health Wales. It works towards attaining the highest possible level of health, sustainable development and prosperity for all in Wales and beyond

The report looking at different hospital services, says preventative action targeted at improving the health equity between advantaged and disadvantaged communities and their timely access to health services could help reduce a £322 million healthcare gap, especially in emergency admissions and A&E attendance.

Minister for Health and Social Services Eluned Morgan said: “This piece of work once again demonstrates the link between ill health and deprivation – a link which will have sadly been deepened by the impact of the pandemic.”

To read the report click here.

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