Supporting Families and Children Beyond COVID-19: Social Protection in High Income Countries

COVID-19 constitutes the greatest crisis that high-income countries have seen in many generations. While many high-income countries experienced the global financial crisis of 2007–2008, or have had national recessions, the COVID-19 pandemic is much more than that. COVID-19 is a social and economic crisis, sparked by a protracted health crisis. This new UNICEF Innocenti report explores how the social and economic impact of the pandemic is likely to affect children; the initial government responses to the crisis; and how future public policies could be optimized to better support children.

Authors: D. Richardson, A. Carraro, V. Cebotari, A. Gromada

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Governmental / Institutional / Public Health Statutory Body Document, Policy & Policy Analysis
Communicable diseases, Financial security, social protection, social inclusion, access to care, poverty, Maternal health, pre- peri-natal, childhood conditions, adolescent health, education
Europe, Global
European, International

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