Study visit: Preventing violent behaviours and support victims of violence in Tuscany (2019)

This event, hosted by the Directorate for Citizenship Rights and Social Cohesion of the Region of Tuscany, focused on interpersonal violence.

Violence manifests itself through multiple dimensions (physical, psychological, verbal, sexual, gender, peer, etc.) and contexts (family, work, school) in people’s lives. Interpersonal violence is a risk factor for lifelong health and social problems. It is preventable and the health sector has an important role to play in preventing and responding to violence, as a part of a multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral approach.

During the visit discussions were held on the approaches to address violence and public prevention practices on behaviours that can lead to violence. The participants shared experiences on how to prevent recurrence of violence through early identification of people who are experiencing violence and different ways of providing appropriate referral and support. Participants also discussed how best to provide comprehensive services, sensitize and train health care providers in responding to the needs of survivors holistically and empathetically. What is the support available in different countries to the victims of violence and the violent perpetrators?

Find the summary report here.

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