Stay Well in Wales survey

The Stay Well in Wales survey sought to obtain the views of residents of Wales on a range of public health issues in order to inform the development and implementation of Public Health Wales’ strategy for 2018-2030. It was created to identify what the Welsh public believe to be the biggest contributors to poor health and well-being, and which public health actions they would like to see implemented.

Find the publication here. 

Governmental / Institutional / Public Health Statutory Body Document, Research
Built environment (housing, transport, urban planning), Communicable diseases, Employment, occupational health, adult education, youth employment, Environment, climate change, Financial security, social protection, social inclusion, access to care, poverty, Financing and funding, Governance, Health in All Policies, Economy of Wellbeing, Health Impact Assessment, sustainable development, Health systems and services, primary health care, integrated systems, prevention services, health workforce, Maternal health, pre- peri-natal, childhood conditions, adolescent health, education, Non-communicable diseases, alcohol, nutrition, obesity, cancer, smoking, physical activity
United Kingdom

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