Sexual Health And Wellbeing Action Plan For Wales, 2010-2015

The Welsh Government´s Sexual Health and Well-being Action Plan for Wales, 2010-2015, committed to improving the sexual health and wellbeing of the population, reducing inequalities in relation to sexual health, and to developing a society that supports open discussion about relationships, sex, and sexuality. It also formed part of Our Healthy Future, the Welsh Government´s strategic approach to improve the quality and length of life and to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to lead a healthy life.

The Sexual Health and Wellbeing Action Plan has four strategic action areas which have been identified to set a clear agenda for the Welsh Government and partners in the NHS, local government and the third sector. The action areas are:
1. Developing a culture to support sexual health and wellbeing
2. Better prevention
3. Delivering modern sexual health services
4. Strengthening health intelligence and research

The strategy is available here

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