Regional funding change provides opportunity for improved health and wellbeing in Wales

A new report from Public Health Wales examines how a future replacement scheme for EU Structural Funds could be key to improving the health and well-being of people in Wales. The study details how a successor regional funding programme to EU Structural Funds programmes presents both opportunities and risks for the health and well-being of disadvantaged areas of Wales.

Sumina Azam, Consultant in Public Health at Public Health Wales, said:

With Wales historically receiving over four and a half times as much EU Structural Funds per person than the UK average, the change in scheme could prove pivotal to the nation’s health and well-being.

Targeted funding schemes provide an opportunity to tackle inequality and support marginalised communities.

While a number of different methods are used to engage with local communities, including focus groups, surveys and consultations, our study highlights that more could be done to involve the local community in decision-making around regional investment. For example, social media, online surveys and virtual focus groups can help identify how to maximise the benefits from funding.

Find the full report and infographic (in English) here. 

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