Recommendations for the implementation of health promotion good practices

CHRODIS-PLUS transferred and implementated five good practices to eight new settings across the EU. The five practices involved working across sectors and focused on improving physical activity and/or diet and nutrition amongst different groups (children, employees, and older people). Two were set in schools, one in the workplace, and two in the community, with a focus on ensuring a ‘whole of community’ approach to health promotion and disease prevention. The report summarises the transfer and implementation processes, the approaches taken, the facilitators and barriers encountered, and the outcomes. It also provides recommendations.

Authors: JA CHRODIS PLUS consortium – Ingrid Stegeman, Lina Papartyte, EuroHealthNet, Nella Savolainen, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare

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EuroHealthNet, Practices & Practices Databases, Research
Non-communicable diseases, alcohol, nutrition, obesity, cancer, smoking, physical activity
European, National

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