Rapid Evidence Review – Inequalities in relation to COVID-19 and their effects on London

The Greater London Authority (GLA) commissioned the University of Manchester to conduct a rapid evidence review to document and understand the impact of COVID-19 (in terms of both health and the broader impacts on existing social and economic inequalities) on those with protected characteristics, as well as those living in poorer, or more precarious, socioeconomic circumstances, paying particular attention to its effect in London.

The report provides the outcomes of the review, as well as a series of recommendations, which are focused on identifying tractable policy solutions in order to prevent, or mitigate, the inequalities in relation to protected characteristics and socioeconomic position that result from the COVID-19 pandemic and policy responses to it.

Authors: Professor J. Nazroo, H. Taylor, Dr L. BĂ©cares, Y. Field, Dr D. Kapadia, Dr Y. Rolston

Find the report here.

Communicable diseases
United Kingdom

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