Quality Strategy for the Austrian Healthcare System, 2010

The Austrian Health Strategy has been developed as a framework for the prioritisation and coordination of all quality initiatives in the health sector. The Quality Strategy has been formally adopted by the Federal Health Agency in June 2010. All the relevant stakeholders are represented in the Federal Health Agency and it is their most important task to develop and implement planning and quality specifications. In devising the Health Strategy they all have contributed to the formulation of common goals and responsibilities in order to ensure high quality across all sectors. The Health Strategy explicitly focuses on the following values: patient-orientation, patient safety, equal access, evidence-based decisions, transparency, efficiency and efficacy. The strategy affects all sectors: public and private, hospitals and outpatient clinics and all providers of health care services.

Original title: Qualitätsstrategie für das Österreichische Gesundheitswesen

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Health systems and services, primary health care, integrated systems, prevention services, health workforce

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