Proven or promising interventions in prevention and health promotion

This catalog of interventions was set up by Public Health France following the recommendations put forward in the National Health Strategy. The creation of this platform allows the articulation and dissemination of innovations between research and field practices.

The search for the effectiveness and efficiency of public actions is a growing concern at both the national and international levels, through the choice of evidence-based approaches or interventions. The objective of this catalog is to select and qualify the most relevant interventions – first in the French context, then by extending it to foreign interventions – then to report on the content and the conditions of implementation, with the aim of Help decision-makers and local actors, choose appropriate interventions to meet their needs.

The catalog builds on nearly 50 years worth of research in prevention and health promotion, made up of research articles, reports, studies, and evaluations.

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Data Sources, Research, Tools
Health systems and services, primary health care, integrated systems, prevention services, health workforce
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