Preventing Overweight and Obesity in Scotland: A Route Map Towards Healthy Weight

The Route Map has been agreed by Cabinet and COSLA’s Leaders Group, and is aimed primarily at decision-makers in central and local government. These are the people who can influence and enable the range and scale of action that we believe is required. Working together across all the public sector, the third sector, and business we can make the necessary changes that can impact on the way we lead our lives. To support this we will also develop a public health campaign, to raise the nation’s consciousness about the need for change.

The levels of overweight and obesity in Scotland are a serious concern. We are committed to acting collectively to prevent overweight and obesity, both to contribute to achieving our purpose of sustainable economic growth, and also towards achieving a healthier Scotland. We believe that this document supports a compelling case for action and presents a clear Route Map to prevent overweight and obesity in Scotland.

Find the map here

Governmental / Institutional / Public Health Statutory Body Document, Policy & Policy Analysis
Non-communicable diseases, alcohol, nutrition, obesity, cancer, smoking, physical activity
United Kingdom

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