Online tool to monitor inequality and help build a fairer Europe

The Joint Research Centre has launched the EU Multidimensional Inequality Monitoring Framework: an interactive tool to monitor, map, track and compare inequalities across the EU. The tool was produced as part of an exploratory research project to develop a structured indicator framework for monitoring and analysing inequalities in the EU.

Over 90 per cent of the 346 national-level indicators on the tool have been calculated and visualised for the first time, offering new insights on patterns of inequalities, their impact on life outcomes and the progress being made to build fairer societies in the EU. The framework spans 10 key life domains, from knowledge, health and material wellbeing to culture and environmental conditions. Each of these can be explored in further detail and mapped across the EU to compare trends and outcomes across countries.

With country profiles, inequality maps and rankings, the insights can help policy analysts in the Commission, other EU institutions, national and regional authorities to identify priorities and design policy initiatives to tackle inequality.

Find the full framework (in English) here. 

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