NHS England Trends and Action on Health Inequalities

These papers by NHS England describe trends in health inequalities and the development of the ‘Health Inequalities Action Plan’, with particular focus on actions in 2018-2020. The papers:

  • outline NHS England’s obligations and strategic approach to tackling health
  • summarise the evidence as to the scale of the challenge, including what do we
    know about the emerging trends of reduced growth in life expectancy and how we
    compare internationally;
  • describe the specific interventions in relation to our signature national programmes
    on reducing/tackling health inequalities;
  • identify how the NHS contributes as an employer through its spending and the
    economic impact of NHS as a polluter;
  • identify how do we address these emerging inequalities as well as long-standing
    inequalities in resource allocations; and
  • outline next steps.

Find the documents here:

“Scene setter” on current trends in health inequalities (2018)

Developing the Health Inequalities Action Plan

Action Plan Health Inequalities

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