Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction (Trimbos Institute)

The Trimbos Institute contributes to the improvement of mental health by sharing knowledge. The Trimbos Institute seeks to enhance the quality of life of the population by engaging in the development and application of knowledge about mental health, addictions, and associated physical illnesses, both in the Netherlands and abroad. At the heart of all the work done by the Trimbos Institute is the desire to improve individual lives, the quality of care and quality of policies that impact care delivery.

The work of the Trimbos Institute encompasses mental health problems and addictions for persons between – 9 months and 90 + years old and also include interventions targeted at environmental influences, informal caregivers, and family members.

The work of the Trimbos Institute is primarily geared towards the general population through monitoring and health promotion efforts. Trimbos also works with and for specific target groups or at-risk groups, the main five areas are common mental health problems, severe and enduring mental ill health, tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

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