National Action Plan for Health Literacy (Germany)

In order to improve health literacy in the entire population experts developed a “National Health Literacy Action Plan” from a scientific perspective, following the establishment of the “Alliance for Health Literacy” in 2018. The action plan has been coordinated with representatives from politics, civil society, members of various health professions and patient and citizen representatives. It contains 15 recommendations in four fields of action:

  • Promote health literacy in all living environments
  • Make the health system health-competent and user-friendly
  • Living with a chronic illness in a health literate manner
  • Systematically research health literacy

The aim is to anchor the proposals of the action plan as broadly as possible in practice and, through workshops and strategy papers, to win over all relevant organizations and those responsible in the health care system to take up and implement the recommendations of the action plan. So far, five expert workshops and one international symposium have been carried out and six strategy papers have been drawn up.

Original title: Nationaler Aktionsplan Gesundheitskompetenz

Find more information on the Action Plan here.

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