Mapping and Understanding Exclusion in Europe

Mapping and Understanding Exclusion in Europe is a unique study which looks at the state of mental health services across Europe (35+ countries) and provides exclusive data and testimonies about European mental health systems, ongoing human rights violations and the changes on the horizon.

A unique feature of Mapping and Understanding Exclusion is that is the inclusion of the voices of people who have been forcibly treated. This chapter of the report helps people understand what coercive measures can do to a person, how isolating those experiences can feel and how it can impact upon their recovery.

The research was conducted with the help of hundreds of experts from mental health services, governments, researchers, national organisations, persons with lived experience of psychiatry and social workers from all over Europe and funded by the Open Society Foundation (OSF) and MHE’s Operating Grant under the EU Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme.

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NGO/Civil Society Document, Research
Health systems and services, primary health care, integrated systems, prevention services, health workforce, Mental health, addiction

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