Living Longer, Living Better – The 2013 – 2023 strategy for older people in Wales

This is the third phase of the Strategy for Older People in Wales, which began in 2003, and focuses on tackling three primary challenges:

1. Create a Wales where full participation is within the reach of all older people and their contribution is recognised and valued
2. Develop communities that are age-friendly while ensuring older people have the resources they need to live
3. Ensure that future generations of older people are well equipped for later life by encouraging recognition of the changes and demands that may be faced and taking early action in preparation
4. Older people were involved in the development process from an early stage, and helped shape the areas of policy focus in this strategy by identifying the main barriers they face in healthy ageing and social inclusion.

There is a timetable which outlines the actions that will be taken by the relevant actors over the 10 years in order to achieve the goals set out in the strategy. The government of Wales has established a number of both qualitative and quantitative indicators which will be used to monitor the progress of the program and adjust their approach as needed over the course of the initiative.

They will be measuring and aiming to achieve specific outcomes related to social resources, environmental resources, and financial resources.

1. Social resource focuses: Social participation, diversity, access to information, learning and activities, healthy ageing
2. Environmental resource focuses: Shared spaces, living in the community, transport, housing
3. Financial resource focuses: Pensions and other income, energy, financial inclusion, employment

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