Live Long & Prosper, Ireland

In late 2017 Westmeath Community Development, in collaboration with Westmeath County Council and the Age Friendly Council, submitted a proposal to develop and roll out an Age Friendly programme in the first quarter of 2018 under the Healthy Ireland Fund.  The Live Longer and Prosper Programme was developed and was ran in the first quarter of 2018 and approximately 140 older people took part in the pilot programme and was a huge success.

It was decided to roll it out again in 2019 in four locations across the County, including Mullingar, Athlone, Rochfortbridge and Delvin.

This Programme designed consisted of 4 main elements.

  • Nutrition/Healthy Eating – by using our existing Food and Health Programme, our HSE dietitian redesigned a new Age Friendly programme , from eating health ,cooking & budgeting and food hygiene and more.
  • Health – a physical exercise programme devolved by Westmeath Sport Partnership and a Mental Health Awareness programme by Mental Health Midlands
  • Information Provision- guest speakers form the Guards , C.I.C , Help Link South , M.A.B.S and many more
  • Social Outlet & Dancing- local musician and story tellers provide entertainment

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