Lifestyle E-Coaching for Physical Activity Level Improvement: Short-Term and Long-Term Effectivity in Low Socioeconomic Status Groups

E-coaching applications can improve people’s lifestyles; however, their impact on people from a lower socioeconomic status (low SES) is unknown. This study investigated the effectiveness of a lifestyle e-coaching application in encouraging people facing low SES disadvantages to engage in a more active lifestyle over a course of 19 weeks.

Authors: H. Spelt, T. Tsiampalis, P. Karnaki, M. Kouvari, D. Zota, A. Linos, J. Westerink

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Practices & Practices Databases, Research
Financial security, social protection, social inclusion, access to care, poverty, Non-communicable diseases, alcohol, nutrition, obesity, cancer, smoking, physical activity
Greece, Netherlands
European, National

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