Helping Adolescents Thrive Toolkit

This publication, produced by the World Health Organization and UNICEF, has been developed to support the implementation of the WHO Guidelines on mental health promotive and preventive interventions for adolescents, released in 2020.

The toolkit includes a core set of evidence-informed strategies to promote and protect adolescent mental health. These strategies focus on: the implementation and enforcement of laws and policies; environments to promote and protect adolescent mental health; the provision of support to parents and other caregivers; and psychosocial interventions for adolescents, including for groups exposed to vulnerabilities. Tools to guide implementation and examples of programmes already introduced in countries across regions are included.

  • Find the full toolkit (in English) here.
  • Find the full toolkit (in Arabic) here.
  • Find the full toolkit (in Chinese) here.
  • Find the full toolkit (in French) here. 
  • Find the full toolkit (in Russian) here.
  • Find the full toolkit (in Spanish) here.
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