Guide on Financing Health Promoting Services

EuroHealthNet launched one important tool for progress: an information guide for financing health promoting services. It demonstrates how to make transitions from spending on cures and treatments to investing in preventative approaches for better health and wellbeing. It explores how resources and capacities can be mobilised to help finance these transitions and contribute to an ‘economy of wellbeing’.

The report includes the following list of case studies:

  • French Finansol Label – signalling ethical finance, France
  • Prioritisation Framework for public health investments, United Kingdom
  • Allocating part of income tax for health promotion, Lithuania and Portugal
  • The Hungarian public health product tax, Hungary
  • The Sugar Sweetened Drinks Tax, Ireland
  • The Prevention Act, Germany
  • European Investment Bank financing of primary care centres, Ireland
  • Activate – social impact bond to prevent heart disease, Canada
  • Combatting loneliness and social isolation, United Kingdom
  • Social outcomes contract for a preventive and healthy workplace, Sweden.
  • Combined Lifestyle Interventions covered by insurance funds, the Netherlands
  • Pilot Koto-SIB for the employment of immigrants, Finland
  • Job-rotation as a tool to maintain employability – TErrA project, Germany


Find the guide here.

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