Flemish Poverty Reduction Action Plan 2019 – 2024, Belgium

The action plan collects the actions of the various Flemish ministers on poverty reduction for the 2020-2024 legislature. In order to achieve a more powerful approach to poverty, the Flemish Government set a limited number of priority, government-wide and integrated strategic objectives. – The Flemish government prevents and fights underprotection to prevent people from ending up in poverty and social exclusion. – The Flemish government is setting up targeted actions against child poverty. – The Flemish government is committed to activation, strengthening people and increasing self-reliance. – The Flemish government supports citizens in sudden changes in their lives so that the risk of ending up in poverty is limited. – The Flemish government is committed to a high-quality, liveable and healthy environment for everyone.

Original title: Vlaams Actieplan Armoedebestrijding 2020-2024
Governmental / Institutional / Public Health Statutory Body Document, Policy & Policy Analysis
Financial security, social protection, social inclusion, access to care, poverty

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