Finnish NGOs promoting health equity in the context of welfare economy

Health inequality is a national challenge in Finland. The WHO global strategy of Health for All implies that all people should have an equal opportunity to develop and maintain their health through fair and just access to health resources. This article examines the role of Finnish Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) in strengthening health equity. The article presents the strategy and specific criteria constructed by NGOs to promote health equity in society. The health equity criteria and welfare economy strategy are combined to a framework which NGOs can utilize in their work to promote health equity. The welfare economy strategy describes the important issues that NGOs have to address when working towards a specific societal goal, in this case equity. The health equity criteria in turn are an instrument for the practical implementation of the preconditions of equity.

Authors: P. Rouvinen-Wilenius, J. Ahokas, V. Kiukas, M. Aalto-Kallio

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Organisations & Initiatives Working on Health Inequalities, Research
Governance, Health in All Policies, Economy of Wellbeing, Health Impact Assessment, sustainable development

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