Finnish Federation for Social Affairs and Health

SOSTE, the Finnish Social and Health Association (Finnish: Suomen sosiaali ja terveys ry) is a nationwide umbrella organisation that brings together more than 230 social and health organisations and several dozen other co-operation members.

Together with its member organisations , SOSTE is a courageous influencer and expert that builds the conditions for social well-being and health, opportunities for participation, and a fair and responsible society. 

The purpose of SOSTE  at regional, national and European levels is to:

  • Function as an expert and advocate for social and health politics
  • Function as a not-for-profit organisation building the conditions for social well-being and health, people’s participation and a just and responsible society individually and in cooperation with its member organisations and other parties
  • Enhance the ability of registered social and health non-governmental organisations to operate in the best interests of the people
  • Promote social well-being and health
  • Build social justice and equity
  • Strengthen people’s fundamental rights and possibilities for participation and involvement

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Organisations & Initiatives Working on Health Inequalities
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