Fairer Health Outcomes for All (FHOFA). A Reducing Inequities in Health Strategic Action Plan, UK

Fairer Health Outcomes for All: Reducing Inequities in Health Strategic Action Plan (FHOFA) was published in March 2011 by the Welsh government. It is the second in the “Our Healthy Future” (OHF) Technical working paper series.

The focus is on the reduction of inequities in health, which the Welsh Government defines as those inequalities in health that are unfair, unjust and avoidable by reasonable action.

FHOFA sets out a vision for improved health and wellbeing for everyone in Wales with the pace of improvement increasing in proportion to the level of disadvantage. To achieve our vision, our aspiration is to improve healthy life expectancy for everyone and to close the gap between each quintile of deprivation by an average of 2.5 by 2020.

FHOFA is based on four principles:
A long term evidence based approach
Action across the social gradient in health
Action across the social determinants of health and wellbeing
Action across the life course

The strategic action plan identifies seven areas, with underpinning actions, to provide a framework for progress in achieving our vision. These action areas are:

  • Building health into all policies and all policies into health
    Giving every child a healthy start
    Developing health assets in communities
    Improving health literacy
    Making health and social services more equitable
    Improving the health of the working age population
    Strengthening the evidence base

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