Fair Pay a European Race to Equality and Equal Opportunities for All

Fair pay is discussed in many countries around the world, many approaches have been practiced ensuring fair pay across organisations. Transparency, regular pay analysis, and neutral job evaluation systems have proven most successful. In 2021, the European Commission proposed a new road to fair pay in the EU combining all these policy instruments in a directive to drive the gender pay gaps down.

In this policy brief authors from the Fair Pay Innovation (FPI) Lab lead the discussion on policy instruments also revealing the challenges laying ahead. Analysing pay structures and implementing fair pay is the first step in starting this process towards equal pay. Paying everyone fairly is not only a women’s issue but concerns everyone: ensuring fairness for all employees in every company has far reaching consequences and is key for equality and equal opportunities for all, no matter where they come from, who they love, or what they believe in, whether they have children or not, or how old they are.

Find the full policy brief (in English) here. 

Find the full policy brief (in French) here. 

NGO/Civil Society Document, Policy & Policy Analysis
Financial security, social protection, social inclusion, access to care, poverty

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