EuroHealthNet round table: Mental health promotion at work (2015)

The main purpose of the roundtable was to exchange information among EuroHealthNet’s members and partners as well as external mental health experts, to take stock of lessons learned from initiatives such as the Joint Action on Mental Health and Wellbeing and the Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress campaign and to discuss the forthcoming EU Mental Health Compass. The roundtable was chaired by Caroline Costongs, Managing Director at EuroHealthNet and attended by 25 participants from public health bodies, EU institutions and European networks. The Roundtable consisted of four sessions:

  • Mental health promotion at work – the work done in member states
  • The legal base in the EU and the Healthy workplaces manage stress campaign
  • The social and economic benefits of a healthy mind at work. Why should we care?
  • A way forward – the future of mental health promotion at work

Find the report of the round table here.

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