Environmental health report 2021 (Sweden)

This report describes the significance of various environmental factors for children’s health, how it has developed over time and is distributed among children in different groups in the population. The report is based on the results from the 2019 environmental health survey, where almost 50,000 guardians have answered questions about exposures to the environment, health-promoting factors and environmental problems and diseases in children aged 8 months, 4 years and 12 years.

The report is primarily aimed at decision-makers and administrators who work with environmental health at national, regional and local level. It provides a unique basis for priorities and measures to prevent ill health and achieve good and equal health, for example in the work with the public health policy’s target areas, the environmental goals and Agenda 2030.

Original title: Miljöhälsorapport 2021

Find the report here. 

Governmental / Institutional / Public Health Statutory Body Document, Research
Built environment (housing, transport, urban planning), Environment, climate change, Maternal health, pre- peri-natal, childhood conditions, adolescent health, education
Local, National, Regional

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