Encouraging and Enabling Lifestyles and Behaviours to Simultaneously Promote Environmental Sustainability, Health and Equity: Key Policy Messages from INHERIT

The COVID-19 crisis is yet another manifestation of the urgent need to transition to more sustainable societies, further exposing the weaknesses in health systems and the injustice in our societies. It also underlines that many of the factors leading to environmental degradation, ill health and social and health inequities are interlinked. The current situation provides an unprecedented opportunity to invest in initiatives that address these common factors and encourage people to live more healthily and sustainably. The insights of the INHERIT project were brought together in guidelines setting out how policy makers can help instigate and support local “triple-win” initiatives that influence behaviours as an approach to contributing to the change that is so urgently needed to stem environmental degradation and the interlinked threats to health and wellbeing. This article sets out this guidance, providing timely insights on how to “build back better” in the post pandemic era.

Authors: I. Stegeman, A. Godfrey, M. Romeo-Velilla, R. Bell, B. Staatsen, N. van der Vliet, H. Kruize, G. Morris, T. Taylor, R. Strube, K. Anthun, M. Lillefjell, I. Zvěřinová, M. Ščasný, V. Máca, C. Costongs

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EuroHealthNet, Policy & Policy Analysis, Research
Built environment (housing, transport, urban planning), Environment, climate change, Non-communicable diseases, alcohol, nutrition, obesity, cancer, smoking, physical activity

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