ECDC data on country response measures to COVID-19

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) have published data from selected national public response measures presented in the weekly report COVID-19 country overviews. The response measures displayed are national measures, reported on official public websites.

Response measures collected include

  • mass gathering cancellations (for specific events or a ban on gatherings of a particular size);
  • closure of public spaces (including restaurants, entertainment venues, non-essential shops, partial or full closure of public transport etc.);
  • closure of educational institutions (including daycare or nursery, primary schools, and secondary schools and higher education);
  • ‘stay-at-home’ recommendations for risk groups or vulnerable populations (such as the elderly, people with underlying health conditions, physically disabled people etc.);
  • ‘stay-at-home’ recommendations for the general population (which are voluntary or not enforced); and
  • ‘stay-at-home’ orders for the general population (these are enforced and also referred to as ‘lockdown’),
  • use of protective masks in public spaces/on public transport (mutually exclusive voluntary recommendations and mandatory obligations shown separately) and also
  • teleworking recommendations/closure of workplaces.

Find the dataset here. 

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