Data, Social Determinants, and Better Decision Making Report

The Rockefeller Foundation-Boston University 3-D Commission published the Data, Social Determinants, and Better Decision Making Report.

The report was launched  on the 76th United Nations General Assembly, with the aim of creating a common language among the social determinants of health (SDoH), data science, and decision-making, in order to improving the health of populations and addressing health disparities caused by structural inequities and exacerbated by COVID-19.

This report explores the key social and economic drivers that influence health outcomes and illustrates how data on SDoH can be integrated into decision-making processes. The report offers a set of principles and recommendations designed to support the development of a SDoH-based, data-driven approach to decision-making and foster demand for public and private investment in SDoH.

Read the report here.

CHAIN, the Centre for Health Inequalities Research, spoke during the launch event of the report. The recording of that event is available here.

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