Child Poverty Strategy for Wales

The 2011 Child Poverty Strategy for Wales sets out the Welsh Government´s vision for tackling child poverty. Tackling child poverty remains a fundamental priority for the Welsh Government, and a key part of its social justice agenda in Wales. The statutory framework for reducing child poverty has been provided by the Children and Families (Wales) Measure 2010. This 2010 Measure places a duty on Welsh Minsters, local authorities, and a range of other Welsh authorities to prepare and publish a strategy for contributing to the eradication of child poverty in Wales. The Children and Families (Wales) Measure 2010 is underpinned by 13 Broad Aims. These relate to tackling income poverty, as well as improving the health and educational outcomes of children, young people and their families, and reducing the inequalities that currently exist, in the longer term. Welsh Ministers, local authorities and other Welsh authorities are required to set specific objectives for these 13 Broad Aims.

The Welsh Government published its new Child Poverty Strategy for Wales in February 2011, following a period of public consultation in 2010. This Strategy confirms the Welsh Government’s three strategic objectives for tackling child poverty (for the period 2011-2014), which are:

1. To reduce the number of families living in workless households.

2. To improve the skills of young people and parents in low income families so that they can secure well paid employment.

3. To reduce the inequalities that exist in the health, educational and economic outcomes for children living in poverty, by improving the outcomes of the poorest.

The 2011 Child Poverty Strategy is focused around delivering these three strategic objectives. It describes a range of initiatives aimed at helping young people and parents enter paid employment, and helping them progress to better paid jobs. It also sets out a distinctive Welsh approach to reducing the health and educational inequalities that currently exist.

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