Catalog of Equity-oriented Actions (CARE)

The Italian National Institute of Health (ISS) and the Piedmont Regional Health Promotion Documentation Center (DoRS), together with several other Italian actors, have launched a Catalog of Equity-oriented Actions (CARE). CARE is a database of interventions carried out in Italy, Europe and beyond that aim to increase health equity. Good practices identified under the Joint Action for Health Equity Europe (JAHEE) are included. The database, which is in Italian, currently holds 93 interventions and will be further extended in the future. Users can submit interventions to be included. The database is meant to be used by health workers, social workers, teachers, stakeholders from various fields, and policy makers at all levels.

Original title: Catalogo di Azioni ben descritte Rivolte all’Equità;

Find the database here.

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Ageing, Built environment (housing, transport, urban planning), Communicable diseases, Digital, ehealth and mhealth, digitalisation, health literacy, Employment, occupational health, adult education, youth employment, Environment, climate change, Financial security, social protection, social inclusion, access to care, poverty, Financing and funding, Governance, Health in All Policies, Economy of Wellbeing, Health Impact Assessment, sustainable development, Groups that experience vulnerability: women, ethnic minorities, LGBTI+, migrants, disability, Health systems and services, primary health care, integrated systems, prevention services, health workforce, Maternal health, pre- peri-natal, childhood conditions, adolescent health, education, Mental health, addiction, Non-communicable diseases, alcohol, nutrition, obesity, cancer, smoking, physical activity

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