BZgA develop Impulse Generator for the Promotion of Physical Activity

The Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) has developed the “Impulse Generator for the Promotion of Physical Activity”: The digital planning tool accompanies interested cities and municipalities step by step from planning to practical implementation to evaluation. The free impulse generator for the promotion of physical activity is designed like a modular system from which the municipalities can make use of depending on their requirements and circumstances. It was developed as part of the BZgA program “Getting Older in Balance”, which is financially supported by the Verband der Privaten Krankenversicherung e.V. (PKV).

Since 2019, it has been tested nationwide at various regional and local levels. For example, in the Model Region Mansfeld-South Harz, several boules courts, exercise courses and barrier-free hiking trails have been set up in public spaces. Newly trained hiking guides support older people in using these services. At the regional level, steering committees were established, local politicians have been sensitized to the topic and caregivers have been qualified to continuously accompany and consolidate the project.

Find further information here. 

Read the BZgA press release (in German) here. 

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