Booklet on fair health opportunities in the workplace – practical guide to workplace health promotion

Practical experience of many health promotion initiatives – especially in workplace health promotion (WHP) – shows that health promotion activities and measures do not always reach the target groups with the greatest need. As a contribution to more health equity, it is therefore important to ensure that the starting conditions are as fair as possible and to design offers in such a way that all people have equally good access to them and that the special needs of the target groups are taken into account.
Designed as a practical guide, this brochure from Fonds Gesundes Österreich is aimed primarily at internal project managers, specialists and executives, but also at people involved in the process (e.g. consulting and evaluation), and is intended to serve as a stimulus and aid in the planning, implementation and reflection of health promotion projects.
  • Find the booklet and additional resources (all in German) here.
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