A Strategy for the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Disease in Malta

The overall goal of the NCD strategy is: “To develop a multi-factorial approach to NCD prevention through tackling common risk factors targeting both at a population level, and also high-risk groups”.

The strategy aims to:

  • Reduce the burden of NCD by targeting the following major chronic diseases: cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, mental ill-health and cancer;
    Reduce the burden of oral diseases;
    Improve the individual risk profile by focusing on:
    Four lifestyle-related factors: diet, physical activity, tobacco and alcohol
    Four biological risk factors: obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia and carbohydrate abnormalities

To achieve this, explicit strategic approaches are to be applied to:

  • Individual risk reduction (aimed at high-risk individuals)
    Population risk reduction (aimed at social determinants)
    Rational and effective use of health services (by empowering users and health care providers especially in the primary health care setting)
    An integrated referral system support
    A robust health information system
    Effective health promotion initiatives

These efforts will be guided by the following implementation strategies: (1) surveillance; (2) policy development; (3) capacity building; (4) dissemination of information and experience.

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Non-communicable diseases, alcohol, nutrition, obesity, cancer, smoking, physical activity

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