Recommendations for Improving Equity in E-Health

The European Commission’s eHealth Stakeholder Group supports the Commission in the development of actions for the digital transformation of health and care in the EU. EuroHealthNet has proposed five priories for the next year. The overarching recommendation is to embed a concern for health inequalities in all the group’s activities related to the handling of data and development and implementation of digital tools in health. The five specific recommendations concern:

  • Standardising the design of digital tools (‘usability’) to ensure they are safe, comprehensible, easy to use and accessible.
  • Supporting professionals to fully take advantage of new digital health technologies also in their work with people from less advantaged socio-economic groups.
  • Developing sound digital infrastructures with high quality data that add value to health systems in a non-discriminatory way.
  • Defining common European standards to overcome the lack of interoperability of data between different health settings and projects.

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