Petra van Wezel
Stichting Overvecht Gezond (The Healthy Overvecht Foundation)
Stichting Overvecht Gezond (The Healthy Overvecht Foundation)

A Healthy Overvecht neighbourhood: An integrated social and medical approach

The Healthy Overvecht neighbourhood provides an excellent example of how working with other sectors can lead to integrated approaches to health and wellbeing. For more information on this approach, read out beyond the health sector.



  • Robust basic social and medical care oriented towards prevention entails an integrated approach for residents with elevated health risks and problems in several areas. It focuses proactively on the 15 – 20% of those in the population who have elevated health risks and/or high healthcare costs.
  • The 4-Domain model has been designed by general practitioners based on their experience and further developed in consultation with professionals from other disciplines. This model is used for communication and analysis by professionals in the medical and social fields. The model enables GPs to work together with a patient and allows them to understand what is going on in different areas of their life and how this influences patients’ perception of their health. The model is also used as a tool for a common language for cooperating, for assessing risks, and for approaching problems together with the client.
  • Good ICT and good data management support the general practitioner’s practice and the neighbourhood. The dashboard in the general practitioner’s information system makes it possible to identify who has high health risks, and who is vulnerable. Professionals can see what the patient’s particularities are and who is involved in their healthcare. In addition, patients can use a digital platform to communicate with healthcare providers, make appointments and find health information.
  • Healthcare professionals have direct lines of communication with social workers and exercise coaches, which makes this is well-being by prescription. Patients can make an appointment with social workers to find an activity in the neighbourhood that suits them.

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