Understand health inequalities and act on them

What are health inequalities? How do different countries experience and address them? What policies and practices affect health equity? What does research tell us? The health inequalities portal can help answer these questions.
The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed health inequalities in Europe, and shown that action can no longer be delayed.

This is the information hub on health inequalities in Europe. It explains what health equity is and how it affects different countries. It provides information about:

  • Health inequalities research
  • International, national, regional policy
  • Data
  • Public health and other practices and projects
  • EU initiatives
  • Financing
  • Tools
  • Publications

On this website you can find out

  • How health inequalities affect different countries and populations.
  • Where to find more information.
  • What you can do, whether you are a civil servant, researcher, public health professional, teacher, city planner, or have any other role in building a more sustainable, fair future.



How they can be measured, who is affected, and how to address them

The role of policies, practices, and research in addressing health inequalities

What's happening in Europe and beyond

Information to finance health promotion, prevention, and health equity projects

These tools can help you to assess how to act, and to analyse how your policies and actions can affect health equity.

Search for policies, practices, data, research, analysis and organisations

The key concepts explained


About EuroHealthNet

The health inequalities portal is managed by EuroHealthNet, the European Partnership for health, equity, and wellbeing.

EuroHealthNet is a not-for-profit partnership of organisations, agencies and statutory bodies working on public health, disease prevention, promoting health, and reducing inequalities. Several research centres are also part of our partnership.

We work on public health and social equity policy, practice, and research. We also explore and strengthen the links between them.

Our approach focuses on health in all policies, reducing health inequalities gaps and gradients, working on determinants across the life course, contributing to sustainability and wellbeing of people and planet.

The EuroHealthNet partnership includes 61 members, associate members, and observers. They come from 26 European countries, including 23 EU Member States.

They steer the work of the Brussels office through three collaborating platforms: Practice, Policy, and Research. A core team works to unite and amplify the platforms’ work. The partnership is governed by the General Council, which comprises all members, and the Executive Board.

Find out more at EuroHealthNet.eu or read our interactive annual report.


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