HEPP – Maintaining a focus on health inequalities

This pilot aimed to focus EU and national attention on health inequalities and help to mainstream measures to address them. It is hoped that by sharing knowledge and developing policy guidance, the project will provide solutions to health inequalities related to alcohol consumption, nutrition and physical activity in the EU.

Equity Action

Equity Action was a Joint Action between the EU and Member States. It aimed to reduce health inequalities by helping to improve policies at national and regional level and harness the contribution of stakeholders. It was jointly funded by the EU Health Programme, 15 EU Member States and Norway, and involved 25 partner organisations, 30 regions and numerous stakeholders.

Crossing Bridges

Crossing Bridges was a European Union (EU) funded project promoting the implementation of a Health in All Policies (HiAP) approach in EU Member States in order to improve health equity within and between states.

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